The story of bohemian glass

published by Lasvit

Art of creation • Lasvit tradition


Lasvit tradition

Centuries ago, a true artist could not create without two things: a vision and a client who provided the means and the criteria. When it comes to quality glass, it should be no different. Companies who sell glass installations worldwide know how to cater to personal tastes of customers of different styles and cultural traditions. The artist brings his or her idea to life; it cannot however be a singular unit. The client’s needs, aesthetic and technical properties of the space, for which the sculpture is intended, are necessary components of a successful result. Lasvit, Czech glassmaking pioneer, ensures that there the designer and the customer are a good match. This allows the designer to work without interruption and make choices that he or she knows will be in compliance with the customer’s taste. When the final design is presented to the customer, however, his opinions are always taken into consideration and can be cause for crucial alterations. A team is assigned to each project to ensure that there is a continuous flow of communication between the two parties. The quality of the product is guaranteed by the company’s experienced engineers and constructors who make sure that when the final product is assembled, it is not only uniquely beautiful but also durable and safe.


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Lasvit tradition

The meticulous approach of the Czech glassmaking pioneer.


Mold making

The preparation of glass molds from Beechwood.


Glass Preparation

Creation of the ideal glass mixture.


The Glassmaking Process

The journey from solid ingrediences to work of art.



Breathing of life into the product.


Glass Cutting

The most common method of mechanically shaping glass.


Packaging of the Product

Sheltering of the final product for expedition.


Transporting the Product

Reaching the preferred destinations safely.



The entire process of completing a lighting sculpture may take weeks or even months.



Glass, in its historic context and future development, contributes to the very foundation of humanity.



Lasvit tradition

The meticulous approach of the Czech glassmaking pioneer.


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