The story of bohemian glass

published by Lasvit

Art of creation • Glass Preparation


Glass Preparation

Glass is transparent. It refracts, it reflects, it transmits light, it is a constant source of beauty and wonder. Its other feature, durability, stemming from careful preparation and quality ingredients, is however the reason it stood the test of time. The history of glass begins in 3500 BC Mesopotamia, Syria and Egypt, where it came to be as a byproduct of metal works. Nowadays there is no room for such happy accidents. Each step in the process is carefully made and each component cautiously selected. The glass mixture constitutes of acids (siliceous or boric) and at least two bases of which one is alkaline (sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide). Another important ingredient is referred to as soil – this can include calcium oxides, such as chalk or sandstone, or metal oxides. When the mixture is properly ground, stirred, it is called the glass batch. Once all the ingredients are melted, the chemical processes and changes produce what we call glass, the quality of which is determined by the ratios and additives suited to every glassmaker’s goal. These details can be as specific as sand grain size. Metals such as iron, which gives the glass a red and brown tint, can be also used for coloring


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Lasvit tradition

The meticulous approach of the Czech glassmaking pioneer.


Mold making

The preparation of glass molds from Beechwood.


Glass Preparation

Creation of the ideal glass mixture.


The Glassmaking Process

The journey from solid ingrediences to work of art.



Breathing of life into the product.


Glass Cutting

The most common method of mechanically shaping glass.


Packaging of the Product

Sheltering of the final product for expedition.


Transporting the Product

Reaching the preferred destinations safely.



The entire process of completing a lighting sculpture may take weeks or even months.



Glass, in its historic context and future development, contributes to the very foundation of humanity.



Glass Preparation

Creation of the ideal glass mixture.


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