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Path of light • The Period of the Reign of Charles IV


The Period of the Reign of Charles IV

Charles IV, the most significant ruler in the history of Bohemia, took the reign in the mid-14th century. In addition to being a Bohemian King, he was also Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Charles IV was able to bring together the fractured local aristocracy and centralize the power of a crumbling monarchy. He left behind his father, John of Luxemburg. He was nicknamed the Father of the Country for his wise rule, having led the impoverished economy to prosperity. Charles IV founded the Prague archbishopric and the Charles University, which became the first institution of its kind in Central Europe. He undertook the reconstruction of the St. Vitus Temple to a magnificent gothic cathedral, built the Charles Bridge and Karlštejn Castle. These and other gothic monuments remain after his reign as the best-remembered and greatest historic gems of Prague today.



First Glassworks and Bohemian-Style Chalices

Glassworks that produced large beads (called pateřík, after prayers beginning with the Pater Noster) that were strung into rosaries, were established during the second half of the 13th century in the deep woods of the north-west and south of Bohemia. Later, they also began making hollow and window-glass. Of the hollow glass, the most famous products were the Bohemian-Style Chalices. Their tall, narrow shape was first created prior to the mid-14th century and remained in the portfolios of some glassworks for up to 150 years.


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The Celts

The heritage of Celtic tribes in Europe.


The Period of the Reign of Charles IV

The most significant ruler in the history of Bohemia.


Hussite Wars

Reform in the Catholic Church and the fight for religious truth.



The arrival of Renaissance into gothic Prague.


Bohemian Baroque

The remarkable imprint of Baroque in the Bohemian lands.


Bohemian Lands in the 18th Century

The transformation of feudal empire into a centralized state.


The Napoleonic Wars

One man’s grand ambitions of overtaking the whole of Europe.


The Birth of Czechoslovakia

After more than three hundred years, Czechs and Slovaks get the nation-state.


Socialist Czechoslovakia

The political influence of the Soviet Union after WWII.


The Velvet Revolution

The postcommunist era and the split of Czechoslovakia.



The Period of the Reign of Charles IV

The most significant ruler in the history of Bohemia.


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